New sex experience with your Malta escort

Everybody fantasizes now and then. Whether we're ever going to fulfill any of those erotic fantasies remains to be seen. A recent study shows that most of us actually have sex fantasies that are not dissimilar in nature and maybe even in a certain amount of actual detail. In fact, approximately 80 percent of both women and men crave sex in unusual, and often public, places. In fact, it would appear that whenever people talk about sex these days, boring will not be one of the words they use. So, that being said, we have compiled some basic ideas for putting together your fantasy for enactment with a gorgeous Malta escorts or even with your girlfriend, if you prefer. Or, even better, how about with an escort and your girlfriend? See where I'm goin' with this? OK, here they are:


Whether you like playing the police officer and perp, fireman and fire victim, or nurse and doctor, role-playing never lacks imagination. Basically, there's no limit to what role-playing can bring to your relationship with your girlfriend or an encounter with an ardent escort. Even for couples who are just getting started with role-playing, it offers the perfect amount of lascivious thrills.

Secret Blowjobs

They’re all great, but so much steamier when your escort or girlfriend gives you one at a time like during an online meeting with a business partner via Skype. Or, perhaps you have friends who you video call once in a while and she’s under your desk on her knees while you're talking to one of them. This is a scene that would make Bill Clinton jealous! Try keeping a straight face while the sexual tension is steadily building. Be sure to hang up in a timely manner, however, when the time comes to show her some real action.

It’s Fun to Watch

It definitely cannot hurt even a little bit to engage in just a touch of narcissism when it comes to watching yourself with a sexy Malta escort or your girlfriend having sex. Positioning yourself near a mirror and then taking a look at yourself and your partner here and there can make every position a whole lot hotter.

Ice is Nice

Sure, whipped cream, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate sauce are fun and tasty, too, albeit messy. There is something that can produce an amazing orgasm without the stickiness, though, and it’s ice. Have your escort or girlfriend put a piece of ice in her mouth and then give you a BJ. Then, you can reciprocate, and this little trick could drive you both crazy with horniness.

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind

There are a number of enticing ways for making regular old sex in your bedrooms at home much more exciting. A PDA can range from meeting clandestinely and having sex in some commonly used places like public restrooms or at the office. But, why stop there? You can be really daring and try quietly getting each other off via masturbation on a plane, or even in a church. Wasn’t that a hotter than hot church scene in the TV series “Californication”? If you missed it, find it online and watch it together for some fantasy inspiration of the clandestine kind.

Don’t Be Shy, Just Talk Dirty

Maybe words aren’t coming too easy for you or your partner, but when you’ve got a boner that could break wood, talking dirty should come much easier. Use dirty talking to help both of you with building to an even wilder orgasm. Shun that shyness with your escort playamte and bring on the dirty!