A story from one Malta escort

 This is about my adventure touring Malta. I planned to stay there for two weeks but an important client changed my plans. He wanted to re-book me for a second date and I was available for 4 hours on Sunday.

 I was to wear sexy black lingerie with stockings, red high heels, accented with some red accessories. I dressed as he wanted because I wanted to play with his mind before I played with his cock.

He came to my room carrying painting canvases, paintbrushes and painting accessories; differing from ordinary clients who arrive carrying flowers, chocolate candy, or champagne. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said “I want to paint two paintings, one for you and one for me. One so you can admire your beauty through my perception and the other will be my memory of your beauty, because you are the most beautiful lady I've ever seen.” He was adorable and I thanked him for his compliments. I laid down on the bed in the position he asked of me.



 The first picture was for me. He painted me in sexy lingerie and asked if I would masturbate for him. I could tell by his pants that he was excited. My hands would start at my perfect tits and work their way down to my wet pussy and I would moan and see the excitement in his eyes. My intention was to get his cock rock hard.

 For the second painting, he asked me to undress slowly while dancing to erotic music. I touched my body during the show I was giving, and I sucked my fingers with my sexy red lips to show him how I was going to use his cock. He painted me for himself, naked, as I fingered my wet pussy while lying on the bed. I had two orgasms before the painting was ready. I too was ready, and he finally came to me.

He was close to me for the first time. I could hear his breath in my ear. I could feel his hard cock in his pants as he rubbed close to me. I became aware of his smell. The total experience of him was overwhelming. He used a clean paint brush to to titillate my tits. I became very excited as he used the brush to virtual paint my body up and down, through all the cracks and crevices, through out my total body.

My body was full of goose bumps. I then sucked his huge cock, anxiously. I wanted to give him the full porn star experience. He said it was the best blowjob of his life.

 I like to make circular movements on the penis with my tongue, before taking the full length of it down my throat. I started the mouthing slowly with the in and out motions going deeper and deeper down my throat. I moved my head faster and faster back and forth while looking up into his eyes. I saw that he wanted to fuck, but first he decided to lick my pussy in order to drive me wild with anticipation. He was an expert lover.

After sex in a variety of positions, he asked if I would let him come in my mouth. I pulled off his condom and repeated the deep throat treatment until my mouth was overflowing with his sperm.

 I remember this client with fond admiration and I still keep the painting he painted of me on my wall. This was the best four hours I've spent with anyone.