Why i enjoy being an escort in Malta?


Having the singular opportunity to discover numerous new facets of myself personally is probably the main reason that I find being an escort in Malta so enjoyable. I know that sometimes life can get boring when all you are accomplishing is being on time, scheduling, and facing challenging situations while just staying in one place.

Travel passion

Before I became an escort, I didn’t know how much I love Malta. Travelling for escort business allows me to see the world, while sharing my life with intriguing gentlemen and having them share their life experiences with me. Something else I didn’t know I liked was red wine. A date with a gentleman with a well-stocked wine cellar changed that forever. From that day on, I’ve positively loved red wine, and my love for it prompted me to learn as much as I could about it.

And, who knew that I liked to discuss politics? I only talk about the subject when my date mentions it first, but I’ve found that I am capable of holding a political conversation with the best of them. I have also discovered how strong my instinct is when it comes to speaking out or just plain holding my tongue. Frankly, learning major people skills is something that comes naturally with being an escort in Malta. In fact, anyone who doesn’t enjoy conversing with other people on a number of subjects is definitely in the wrong business.

Bondage is my new love

Another interesting discovery that has come from being an escort is that I’m into bondage. I honestly never thought before of even trying it, but I am really glad that I did. Dominating a partner and hearing him begging for more has turned out to be something that I really enjoy. Who knew? If it hadn’t been for my job as an escort, I might never have tried it.

All in all, I am really loving my job as a Malta escort. It has succeeded in making me much more confident in every area of my life. I love every mysterious minute of meeting new people and discovering what makes them tick. And, best of all, it’s my very own special little secret.