How to be a dream client for your escort?


During my escort career, numerous times people have asked me about who I would say was my very favourite client. In all fairness, it wasn’t really possible for me to give an honest answer to that question that would narrow it down to a single name.

The fact is that throughout the years I would have to say that I’ve really had so many favourites, I can hardly count them all. They were really sweet gentlemen who always had me looking forward to appointments with them. Every time one of their telephone numbers popped up on my caller I.D., I would actually be enthusiastic about meeting with them.

Of course, I could come up with a number of very basic reasons for choosing favourites. They are, however, not necessarily reasons that would appear to be discernible unless you’re involved in the escort business.

Hygiene is important

For starters, clients that become my favourites always practice excellent hygiene. It’s a fact that nobody wants to have to tell someone to clean up. As escorts, we all ensure that we show up to appointments squeaky clean. That’s why good clients make sure that they are, as well, because they appreciate that their escorts always are. I understand that perhaps some gentlemen have no control over a natural body odor issue, but the majority of them do. I feel that if a client can’t manage showering before an appointment, then showering when they arrive is a must.

Respect our time

Another consideration that makes for a favourite client is a true respect for my time. The majority of my customers are kind enough to provide a day or more of advance notice. Others, who are even more considerate, will place a booking with me one to two weeks in advance. I even had one client who actually booked our appointments several months before our meeting. OK, some people might see that as overkill, but it was a relief to me. I've always found bookings at the last minute to be extremely aggravating.



And, speaking of time, my good clients are well aware of when the time is up and then they simply leave politely. In the event that a gentleman is ready for another round, or looking for a little cuddling time, he will usually ask me if my schedule is open. If it is, then he books another half hour or even a full hour. I will, in some cases, allow my favourite regulars some free extra time. That, decision is mine and mine alone though. The fact is that favourites or not, they are all paying me for my time and need to always be punctual and respectful. When you exhibit good behaviour like this that is truly consistent, you earn plenty of bonus points.

Boundaries and privacy

And, favourite clients never pry, but respect the boundaries of my privacy. Even though they often ask how my life is going or how the day was, they don’t ask personal questions like whether they are my first customer that day. You don’t want to be the type of man who asks embarrassing questions. Instead, try letting your escort guide your conversation.

Remember, stalkers can often be a threat in the escort business and that threat can be very real and very dangerous. So, don’t think that any escort wishes to disclose where she lives or any other personal info, therefore the less you know about her the better. And, BTW, don’t even think about asking an escort to add you to her group of friends on Facebook.

Another important thing if you want to become a favourite is to never ask us about our real name. Understand that we are the personification of lust and sex and we do our very best at being your perfect partner. Our professional name is a major part of our alter ego, therefore when anyone constantly questions us about our “real name”, it becomes extremely frustrating.

What’s even worse for me is the fact that these questions can end up taking me out of the moment. Having to think about my real life of drama, bills and problems with family is distracting. When you ask questions, you remove me mentally from the fantasy and force my mind back to my mundane real life instead of feeling like your little sex kitten. Be considerate, so that your escort can be comfortable and enjoy your appointment with her and you could become a favourite, too..