5 ways to get yourself blacklisted by Malta escort

Sometimes clients will say that they have no idea why Malta escorts are blocking their calls. It’s true that getting blacklisted requires doing something pretty bad, but maybe clients should also take into consideration that it was a combination of things that brought about the blacklisting. Sometimes issues just build up over time until the companion simply says “enough”. All-in-all, however, there are a few major things that are just no-no’s and can result in blacklisting, so here’s a list to help you avoid ending up on your Malta escort’s bad-boy list:


  1. Not making payment as agreed: Following directions regarding payment is something that your escort relies on you for. The rate that they set is the amount that you are expected to pay. Arriving to an encounter expecting to get some kind of a bargain will make both of you unhappy in the end, so just don’t do it. Trying to talk your escort down in her price could get you banned forever. In addition, your escort will be expecting you to pay her in cold cash, not checks, vouchers or gift cards. So, unless you want to leave on a bad note, be sure to bring cash. It’s just that simple. Also, don’t expect her to be a cash register and make change for you. If you don’t have the exact amount, you can expect her to think of the extra as a very nice tip. And, whatever you do, never try to pay your escort with counterfeit money. Keep it real. Last but not least, you should always remember that your companion will be expecting payment in full before you two end up spending quality time together, so just have it ready. Don’t make her ask for payment, and never make her wait until things get “good” before paying, or they never will.
  2. Tardiness or no-shows: Your escort is counting on you to show up and be on-time. Time is money and her time even more so. This is her livelihood that you are messing with when you do a no-show or arrive late. After all, she could have spent that lost time with another client. In addition, she’ll be even more upset if she had to cancel another client for that time period to make room for you. Remember, it isn’t her fault that you’re late, so don’t expect her to add an extension to your booking to make up for your tardiness. Sure, things happen and she understands that, but if it happens often, you’ll get blacklisted.
  3. Lack of respect and bad manners: Learning some very basic manners is something that you should have done during your childhood. Usually Malta escorts have absolutely no tolerance for any client who doesn’t know how to play nice with others. "Please" and "thank you" can go a long way, so learn to use them. And, don’t show any kind of disrespect for your escort, because she’s not going to tolerate it for even a minute. Treat your escort the way you want to be treated, or don’t ever expect a repeat booking. Be advised, too, that you could have trouble with other escorts and their providers when your bad reputation precedes you.
  4. Ignoring instructions: In many cases, an escort will provide clear instructions for their clients, including the correct entrance to use upon arrival, parking particulars, confirming an appointment, etc. You could easily get banned for failing to follow those instructions. These guidelines are put in place for the purpose of ensuring privacy for both of you, so show her that you value discretion as much as she does.
  5. Condom tricks: Self-respecting companion will never risk their health by engaging in an encounter without a condom. So, don’t try to tell your escort that she needn’t worry because you’re "clean" while begging her to allow you to continue without the benefit of a condom. If you do, she just might walk out on you. Refusing to wear protection, or attempting to try sneaking by without it, could definitely result in blacklisting.


So, if you always remember to use a condom without even having to be asked to, follow instructions, show your escort the proper level of respect, show up on time and ready to pay for her services, what do you suppose will happen? Well, you could end up being one of her favorite clients instead of being blacklisted.