How to make a good escort profile?

In the world of independent escorts, effective advertising could literally make or break your business. The art of attracting repeat clients that are also up-market lies squarely in your ads. Higher tips and prime rates can be the direct result of proper well-placed advertising.


The question is which ads are the most effective and where should they be placed? You know that you’ll be in competition with the ads of those other girls, both online and in print. And, placement could be the deciding factor in the number and type of clients that you end up with.

You want to carefully choose your advertising venue because you know that where you position your ad for services in the current marketplace is exceptionally important. You'lli want a website that gets plenty of traffic and where numerous potential clients will see it. You’re well aware that being an escort is a location-centric business and that your potential clients want someone who is nearby.

You also want to bear in mind that potential clients will surely judge you based upon the company that you are keeping. Where you advertise and whom your ads are surrounded by is somewhat like having the most beautiful upscale house on the street when the homes surrounding yours are rundown low-rent shacks.

Writing Effective Headlines

It’s a fact that you need a headline that makes you stand out among the competition and writing it is an art in itself. Here are a few basic rules for writing better headlines for your ads:

About photos

Men are visual animals and you can count on them checking out your picture prior to reading anything you have to say. That’s why the pictures you choose for your ads need to be crafted carefully so that they convey the right vision of both you and your surroundings. So, here are a few basics related to picture taking:

Preferred Customers Could Mean Working Less, Making More

It’s a fact that there is a wide range of men that are hiring Malta escorts. It’s also a fact, that smart escorts don’t want all types, but actually want the kind of men who will be respectful while also paying well. And, ideally those men will become regular customers. Your ads can determine if the majority of them will fit into the category of what you’re looking for as an escort.

Preferred customers are the name of the game for Malta escorts, just like in any other market. By gearing your ads toward that portion of the market that is your preference, you will end up getting responses from the right type of clientele. It’s true that if you narrow it down too much, you might be reducing your potential client pool, however in the end you could end up working less, but earning more.

You can target your preferred customers by adding certain statements to your ads, such as, such as something that says you prefer a certain nationality, age or type of customer. Asking for only gentlemen or someone well-established can help weed out the unrefined, the broke and those men who are just plain fond of quickies when you're definitely not.

Remember that your ads are only one part of your marketing effort, which should also include having your own website, as well as social media posts. But, most importantly, every bit of marketing that you do should contain the same style, look, and message while also being aimed at a specific market segment. That being said, remember that excellent advertising is a significant portion of your marketing campaign. Advertise properly and you’ll find yourself keeping really busy entertaining a regular clientele that is not only respectful and high-paying, but also extremely grateful to you for your services.

  1. Always tell the truth- Unless you wear a lot of wigs when you work, don’t claim to be blonde if you’re a brunette or vice-versa.
  2. Avoid being too obvious- Potential customers know what you’re selling since your ad is on an escort page., so you don't need to be obvious about what you're offering.
  3. Bait your hook- You want to get his attention with a good headline, so that you can then count on him wanting to read your full story.
    • Focus: Blurry photos look tacky no matter how pretty you may look.
    • Make it pretty: Be sure to make yourself and your surroundings pretty.
    • Wash & style your hair: Whether your face is in the shot or not.
    • Wear makeup: Even if it’s just some mascara and lipstick.
    • Nothing naughty: You’re not a down market girl, so don’t look or act like one.
    • Remove clutter: Clean up the background of your photo to avoid distractions.